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After a few outings with our pop-up gin bar it became pretty clear here at Vino Van Events what gins
were real crowd pleasers. Local to us distillery Warner Edwards is at the top of the list – always! With an
impressive range of gins that spans from their original, multi-award winning, Harrington Dry Gin to
adventures in flavours such as Victoria’s Rhubarb and Honey Bee, but on a late summer’s evening it’s
elderflower that we, and plenty of our customers, reach for.

This special gin is made on Fall’s Farm, Tom Warner’s family farm in the pretty village of Harrington,
Northamptonshire. The magic happens in an impressive, huge copper still named ‘Curiosity’ where grain
spirit is blended and distilled with botanicals, many of which are home grown on and around the farm,
and water drawn from the farm’s natural springs.

Warner Edward’s Elderflower Gin was inspired by Tom’s mother Adele and is made using elderflowers
picked from Fall’s Farm. Regularly referred to as ‘summer in a glass’ it’s a floral tasting gin, but it’s not
overbearing. You can expect natural flavours, as opposed to an artificial after-taste that some flavoured
gins often leave behind. And it’s no one trick pony either; this gin has unexpected notes of warm spices
such as cinnamon and cardamom which balance out the floral elderflower a treat and add to the lovely
summer vibe.

Can you tell we love this gin?!

Watch this space in the next couple of weeks for some of our favourite elderflower cocktail recipes.

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