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Guest blog from Rob Gower – Dragonfly Traveller

A honeymoon is your first experience of living as a married couple. It should be fun, relaxing and romantic and a chance to kick back and reflect on your wedding.

So, how can you ensure that you plan the perfect honeymoon as well as the perfect wedding?

  1. Communicate with each other

Start as you mean to go on and open up to each other. Which places are on your bucket lists? Is there anywhere you have been in the past that you would love to introduce to your new husband or wife after the wedding? Do you want a relaxing beach holiday or extended city break of sightseeing? Or a combination of both? Find out what you both want and work out a destination you would both be happy with.

  1. How are you going to pay for it?

Once you have agreed on a type of holiday and location, start researching prices. You can then either factor the cost into your overall wedding budget or consider asking for holiday vouchers or money towards it as a wedding present. Most travel operators like ourselves accept payments for a honeymoon from multiple sources.

  1. Timing is everything

Think carefully about when you book your honeymoon and your flights. Try to coincide your booking with January sales or go for flights that depart and return midweek as these will be cheaper and save you money. Also, despite what many say, always book flights early. With scheduled flights, these are published 11 months in advance, so this is the time to book to get the cheapest flights.

  1. Make sure your Honeymoon is ATOL protected.

Travel with an ATOL protected travel agent or consultant and take out a comprehensive travel insurance. There are so many external factors that can affect holiday bookings from terror attacks to storms and strikes. Make sure you are covered for all eventualities, so you don’t lose your money or end up having to pay extra if something goes wrong.

  1. Make it unique to you

Nobody wants a mediocre honeymoon and they also don’t want to be swapping honeymoon tales years down the line and find out that lots of other couples had a carbon copy of their dream holiday.

The littlest details can turn an ordinary activity into something extraordinary and memorable. Consider booking a candlelit dinner on the beach or a helicopter ride. How about the VIP lounge at the airport to start your dream holiday with a glass of champagne together?

Myself and my wife Lisa are travel PAs, operating under the company name Dragonfly Traveller, in Northampton. We work with our clients to create trips and experiences bespoke to them. We work with them and help to research, plan and arrange every part of their holidays from the more regular requests like booking accommodation and flights or upgrades like extra leg room, to a city break added on to the end of a cruise or the more unusual requests like hiring Harley Davidsons for road trips or visiting elephant sanctuaries.

If you would like to find out more about how working with a travel PA can help you to create your dream honeymoon, get in touch with us on 01604 661 100 or visit https://dragonflytraveller.co.uk/.

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