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Who doesn’t love a good wedding?  We know that we do.  And what makes a wedding even better?  Plenty of bubbles and a great bar, of course!

Weddings are perhaps our favourite private event to work at.  It’s an honour to be part of a couples’ big day, making sure the meticulously planned plans all go smoothly, and it’s great fun too.  We know how stressful wedding planning can be, but getting the bar right doesn’t need to be.  Here are some of our suggestions to help make life easier – well, the bar and choice of drinks, at least.

Booking a dry hire venue – that’s just a venue or building, no catering or bar included gives you the options and freedom to go your own way when it comes to choosing the food and drink you want to serve to your guests.  It also means you’ll avoid corkage fees. Corkage is the charge that’s made by a venue for opening and serving bottles of wine that you’ve provided for the big day.  This can range from anything from around £5 a bottle to £11, though we have heard of it being a lot more.  With this in mind that reasonable price you’ve sourced your wine for could more than double. Hiring a private bar means your costs are all included in the hire package, with no corkage fee to factor in.

Working with a good bar also gives you more scope for getting creative with your welcome drinks, toast and of course the drinks you and your guests will enjoy throughout the day and evening.  Prosecco is now the UK’s top drink for celebratory occasions and with a little bit of imagination it’s versatile too.  It’s perfectly lovely on its own but it’s easy to ‘pimp’ as well.  A few choice garnishes can add some wow-factor.  For summer weddings make the most of all the berries that are in season; strawberries and raspberries are the favourite choice but later in the season blackberries work really well.  In the winter adding a herb such as rosemary not only tastes good but looks extra special too.  We offer a popular ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ bar, a choice of appropriate garnishes to add to the fizz that guests can help themselves too, we’ve seen some fantastic creations!

We know it’s hard to imagine but there are people who don’t drink Prosecco out there (honestly!) A selection of good, cold beers helps. To keep with our Italian wine roots we recommend Peroni. Getting some interesting non-alcoholic options is essential too, this is no problem for a good bar.  One of our favourites, and our customers’ too, is a Hugo mocktail – sparkling water flavoured with elderflower cordial and finished with fresh mint and lime.

The welcome drink may be the most important drink of the day, and here’s where a good private bar shines too.  We recommend a bespoke Prosecco cocktail to fit in with the wedding theme and the couples’ taste.  Just think of all that ‘research’ into finding the best fit!

As we said, getting the bar right at a wedding doesn’t need to be hard work. If you’d like more information about your own bespoke wedding bar we’d love to hear from you.


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