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Have you heard of Prosecco Springs  it’s the UK’s largest prosecco festival, and as you might imagine is completely dedicated to our favourite Italian fizz.

We were thrilled to be there last week amongst our prosecco people and in the thick of the celebrations.  Held at The Oval, East London, it was a dream mix of bubbles – more of those in a moment, Italian street food and live music.  Our idea of heaven.

In just its second year Prosecco Springs is really finding its feet, offering a larger event this year and with the hint of even bigger and better in 2019.

Our extensive research into prosecco (yes, yes, it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it…) has given us a wealth of knowledge into the nation’s favourite fizz, but still there was plenty to keep us on our toes and to learn.

We made acquaintance with some fantastic prosecco producers, all hand-picked by the team behind Prosecco Springs and all producing DOC or DOCG prosecco – Denominazione di Origine Controllata or Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita are the official verifications of a wine’s origin – only wines that are produced in the prosecco region can bear these titles.

Here are some of our favourite prosecco producers from the event.


Bottega has been producing prosecco in the mountains of Treviso for over 30 years so it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about quality wine making. Their range is bottled and packaged beautifully, making a bottle or two the perfect celebratory gift.


The steep slopes and optimum climate of Colbertaldo make for the ideal place for growing the Glera grapes used to make Frozza’s wine.  They’ve been growing and producing here in this special microclimate since 1870 and, in our opinion, have produced the perfect Prosecco Valdobbiandene.


How about this for a company with heritage – Castello di Roncade was established in 1508, cultivating the perfect grapes to produce outstanding wines.  The castello itself is based in Roncade a little Venitian near Treviso.


La Marca began life as a collaboration between local winegrowers in 1968.  Using their collective knowledge, expertise and ideas they created what has become today one of the most prolific prosecco producers in the business.  Their fizz speaks for itself.


Francesco Mionetto of Valdobbiadene, the heart of the prosecco region, opened his first winery in 1887. Today Mionetto is one of the go-to brands for consistently good bubbles.  With a commitment to the region where the wine is produced and consistent quality it’s easy to see why they remain a top player.

Put Prosecco Springs 2019 in your diary, it’s an event you really shouldn’t miss.

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