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Make it Personal with LoveBook

Wedding season is well and truly upon us, that means a new outfit (yay!) and finding that perfect present.  Every once in a while a product comes along that makes you smile, makes you want to buy it for everyone you love and that you can’t get enough of.  LoveBook is doing that for us right now and it’s our go-to wedding guest present too.

If you’re not familiar with the concept then allow us to get you up to speed. LoveBook is a ‘Book Building System’ that allows you to create a book that tells the story of you and a loved one.

The idea is a simple one, on the easy to navigate LoveBook website choose your cover, your characters – you can make them look like you and your beloved too, and then list all the reasons why you love them, why they’re so special to you and all the little things that combine to make your relationship unique.  With a completely editable text and plenty of imagery to choose from it’s a piece of cake to make your book bespoke to you.  Once you’ve created your very own book it’s professionally printed and bound, take your pick from a hard or soft cover and then send it anywhere in world.

Being able to personalize the book makes it ideal for anything from anniversaries to birthdays, Valentine’s or wedding gifts.  We think you’d have to look hard to find a more personal and sentimental Christmas present too.  This perfect, any occasion (or no occasion!) gift can be made for siblings, a mother or father, friends, in fact any one you’d like to tell how special they are to you.  As a wedding gift, this is off-the-scale special, could you imagine a more heartfelt way of saying ‘I do’?

LoveBook has made it to the top of our Christmas list for this year.  Now, I wonder if we’ll be lucky enough to receive one, too?


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