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There are many things that are great about running The Vino Van, meeting exceptional professionals at events is definitely one of them.  Last month we attended the Salonista Wedding Fair and was lucky enough to meet photographer and Polaroid film  photographer Jeni Smith.

Jeni is hugely talented and offers bespoke packages for weddings, couples sessions or simply any event or moment you’d like commemorating.  She’s been shooting Polaroid film for some time now too and has recently added it into sessions to complement her still photography, believing that unedited it adds a real, un-staged touch to the occasion, another level to the session.

Jeni’s unique approach is to capture moments as they happen – she’s not the type of photographer who’ll jump in and arrange the setting and scene.  Believing that letting the situation unfold and capturing the outcome is how beautiful, natural images are created.  With this style you can expect relaxed, fun images that truly capture the sitter’s personality.

It’s always a pleasure to meet people who love their job, Jeni is no exception.  Her enthusiasm is infectious, “I love photographing wedding day details. Not just the dress or the cake, but all the little things that make the day amazing.”

Jeni’s work does not just involve weddings and social events, her Purple Heart Sessions is photography for families and couples who lead lives that are not easy and often very challenging.  The sessions offer families and individuals the chance for some fun, time out and a break from the routine, not to mention beautiful images to keep forever.  Anyone who knows an extraordinary family who could use a little pampering and fun can nominate them via Jeni’s website.

One of the highest endorsements for anyone who provides a service is repeat custom. That Jeni’s past clients very often return for updates to their family albums, anniversary memento sessions and to photograph new arrivals to the family is testament to the quality of her work and the customer experience she offers.  She counts many of her past customers as friends and has been lucky enough to photograph her clients all over the world. “Photographs are all about stories. My job is to capture and create the images that tell a unique and wonderful story.”


To see more of Jeni’s work and to get in touch visit www.jenismith.com


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