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What could be more rewarding than having a completely hands-on experience when it comes to planning and orchestrating your big day? With more and more couples seeking a unique and bespoke wedding day we’re seeing a rise in events that fit the bespoke bill perfectly. ‘Homespun’ weddings are growing in popularity, with levels of creativity and attention to detail being nothing short of inspirational. Floral arrangements are one such way that couples can truly stamp their individuality to the event.
Flowers are, and always have been, integral to any wedding celebration. Would you like to take the homespun ethos a little further for your big day? If so then now’s the time to get your hands dirty and get your back into some digging. The results? Your very own homegrown flowers for your wedding day.
Here’s our guide to what to plant and when for that completely personal bouquet and enviable table top decorations.
Roses are one of the most popular choices for weddings; they are of course the flower of love. Early winter is the time to plant out roses. Take some time to research which variation you’d like to work with as the rose family varies greatly. Honeysuckle makes a wonderfully fragrant addition to any arrangement and can be planted at this time of year too.
If you’re planning a winter wedding then you can expect to see delicate snowdrops and crocuses popping up above the (very cold) soil. Handle with care though, they’re not the hardiest of blooms once picked.
Spring is the optimum time for planting in advance, it’s also when the garden starts to come truly alive after the long winter days. Plant lilies now to add drama to an arrangement. Dhalias, with their deep colours and many petals too for colourful drama. Heather should be planted now to make a great table arrangement, beautiful corsages, lapel pins or to create the bouquet itself.
Established gardens should be a riot of colour right now with everything from lupins and delphiniums to lavender and alliums bursting forth. Summer planting requires a great deal of care and watering but garden centres are awash right now with plug plants that can be nurtured quickly to maturity while the sun shines. Perfect for late summer weddings.
For an abundance of daffodis, tulips, narcissi and all kinds of flowering bulbs get planting now. You’ll be rewarded in the springtime with a beautiful range of blooms to work with. To ensure the garden thrives for the following year this is the time for deadheading hydrangea and roses to make sure they grow back healthily.

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