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One of the best aspects of running The Vino Van Events, is being part of someone’s very special day. As such we see a lot of styles, and themes for weddings and special occasions. Customised weddings help to reflect the couple’s own individual style, this aesthetic makes the job less like work and more like play. Adding to a couples space, and image can be such a thrill. As a result we have learnt how to get creative and thrifty at points to encourage the correct style to suite the backdrop.
Having a bespoke wedding may sound incredibly expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. Little touches can make all the difference and make an event personal.
One simple way of adding some homespun, personal charm to a wedding or event is a bespoke sign. This one, made from a simple wooden pallet, (I’m imaging that you have imagery of this Beth?) is not only easy to make, but it’s cheap too.
All you need is a pallet, paints and a steady hand wouldn’t go amiss either!
You can write anything you like on your pallet base; significant dates, names or quotes, anything that is significant to the happy couple and their special day. They can be placed as a welcome sign, at the aisle, the reception or as a location marker for weddings a little tucked away. If you don’t want to use the whole pallet then a couple of strips of the wood will still make an impact.
And if you’re not as artistic as you’d like to be? Sub the work out to a friend who is, what a fantastic personal wedding gift that would make, or take a look at these ones available to buy online.
Happy creating!

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