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Throwing confetti over a bride and groom is an age old tradition. It originated in Italy, where wedding guests would throw flower petals, rice or grains at the happy couple to signify being showered with prosperity and fertility. Paper confetti became popular in the 1800s, but in recent years there’s been a return to the traditional throwing of petals. And very lovely it is too.
Here at Vino Van Events we love to work with brides and grooms who are customizing their special day to make it a truly bespoke event. We also love the tradition of throwing old-fashioned confetti, and it’s easy to add this into your very own wedding theme.
Homemade confetti cones are an easy way to put your own stamp on a day and complement a theme. Gather some friends around the table, pour a glass of fizz or two and get a conveyor belt going. You’ll soon have enough cones to fill a basket ready to hand out to your guests.
All you need is some card – choose a colour that will match the overall theme of the wedding, brown craft paper or parcel paper is perfect for a rustic theme – pencil, ruler, glue, string or ribbon and your confetti.
With your ruler and pencil mark out 15cm x 15cm squares. Choose a corner and roll the paper into a cone shape. Add a line of glue to one end of the paper and carefully press it down to secure the cone. Once it’s dry, decorate the cone using ribbon or string.
Why not go full on with the traditional aspect and opt for petals? Your local florist should be able to help.

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