• Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Prosecco Lovers

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Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Prosecco Lovers

Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Prosecco Lovers We might be (a little bit) bias but Prosecco lovers are just the best type of family and friends you could possibly have – not only are they great at a party but they’re extremely easy to buy Christmas gifts for too.   A good quality bottle of Prosecco […]

Raise a Glass: Making Sure Your Wedding Bar is a Hit

Who doesn’t love a good wedding?  We know that we do.  And what makes a wedding even better?  Plenty of bubbles and a great bar, of course! Weddings are perhaps our favourite private event to work at.  It’s an honour to be part of a couples’ big day, making sure the meticulously planned plans all […]

How To Survive The Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party Spotting Here at The Vino Van we adore Christmas, that could be because Prosecco is Britain’s unrivalled drink of choice for celebrations.  Christmas brings lots of opportunities for letting your hair down and whether you love it or hate it the office Christmas party is often the major night out on the […]

In Search of the Perfect Wedding Hair

Life at The Vino Van means a lot of wedding parties, and that’s no bad thing.  Who doesn’t love a wedding? It means we also see a lot of the planning work that goes on behind the scenes. We also get the chance to work alongside many other professionals who all team up to ensure […]

Pimp Your Prosecco

There is, of course, absolutely nothing wrong with a simple, straight-up glass of Prosecco, it’s one of life’s great pleasures, but sometimes it’s good to give the nation’s favourite tipple a bit of a makeover.  We’re not on our own here either, Love magazine asked us recently to contribute some of The Vino Van’s best-loved […]

Top 10 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

It may not have escaped your notice that weddings are getting more and more creative.  A great many couples are forgoing the traditional indoor affair and are instead opting to mark their big day outdoors. The Vino Van has provided the fizz at some wonderful outdoor weddings and we’ve learned more than a thing or […]


  Nobody can say that The Vino Van is nothing but versatile!  Our recent involvement at a product launch for an exciting new cider company proved to be a lot of fun, and it tested our bar-keeping skills somewhat, too. Pipewell Hall is generally considered to be one of the best wedding venues in Northamptonshire […]

Meet the woman who converted a trailer into a prosecco-filled vino van

When Stylist magazine said- “There’s nothing better than when the words “prosecco” and “bar” come together – particularly when said prosecco bar is fully transportable and available to serve chilled bubbles anytime, anywhere.” we could not of agreed more. They then went on to tell the story of how it all began…. “This was the genius thinking […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Prosecco

We all love the pop, fizz and bubbles of Prosecco and really don’t need an excuse to fill a glass, but just in case you need a little convincing, here are 7 reasons why drinking Prosecco is good for you.     1. A study conducted at the University of Reading discovered that Prosecco contains high […]

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