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Flower Calendar: Say it With Flowers

What could be more rewarding than having a completely hands-on experience when it comes to planning and orchestrating your big day? With more and more couples seeking a unique and bespoke wedding day we’re seeing a rise in events that fit the bespoke bill perfectly. ‘Homespun’ weddings are growing in popularity, with levels of creativity […]

Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own There’s nothing quite like getting outdoors and picking your own fruit and with so much on offer here in the UK, you could say that we’re rather spoiled. Each season has its own bounty and there’s so much that you can do with the spoils of a trip to the hedgerow or […]

Make Mine a Cocktail

There’s more to gin than just the humble G&T. There is, of course, absolutely nothing wrong with a good old, well-mixed G&T, but with a little imagination this versatile spirit offers so much more scope. Given the amount of aromatics and botanical used in the distillery of gin, it is the perfect base for cocktails. […]

Warner Edward’s Elderflower Gin

After a few outings with our pop-up gin bar it became pretty clear here at Vino Van Events what gins were real crowd pleasers. Local to us distillery Warner Edwards is at the top of the list – always! With an impressive range of gins that spans from their original, multi-award winning, Harrington Dry Gin […]


Throwing confetti over a bride and groom is an age old tradition. It originated in Italy, where wedding guests would throw flower petals, rice or grains at the happy couple to signify being showered with prosperity and fertility. Paper confetti became popular in the 1800s, but in recent years there’s been a return to the […]

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