• Top 10 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Top 10 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

It may not have escaped your notice that weddings are getting more and more creative.  A great many couples are forgoing the traditional indoor affair and are instead opting to mark their big day outdoors.

The Vino Van has provided the fizz at some wonderful outdoor weddings and we’ve learned more than a thing or two in the process! So, how do you plan an outdoor wedding? Here are our top ten tips for making sure your day goes smoothly.

1.Give me shelter.  Even in the height of summer we are at the mercy of the great British weather, therefore some kind of shelter, whether it’s a marquee, barn or even a canopied area, is essential to take cover in.  It can easily double up as the evening venue too.

2.I’ve got the power.  That beautiful barn you’ve been coveting might be a bit light on electricity.  The Vino Van has its own generator so we can set up and serve bubbles anywhere.  And we very often do, but your band will thank you for an electric hook up when they come to plug in the amps…

3.If you’re planning your wedding somewhere off the beaten track make sure that you’ve got good signs for your guests to follow.  This is also crucial for hired help too. Nobody wants to be driving around windy country roads with a wedding cake on board!

4.Ensure that allocated parking is accessible, even if the weather is less than favorable.

5.Providing your own transport? You’d better check that the vintage bus you’ve got your heart set on is suitable for the location.

6.Get your permit of approval of premises ticked off for a wedding anywhere other than a chapel, church or approved wedding venue> https://www.gov.uk/approval-of-premises-for-civil-marriage-or-civil-partnership.  Don’t worry about your TENS (Temporary Events Notice) for serving alcohol, we’ll sort that out.

7.Beat the chill. Even in the summer it’s pretty much guaranteed that it’ll be chilly at night.  Think about having a basket full of lightweight blankets for guests to wrap up in. Consider unexpected rain showers too and provide a stash of umbrellas to save those beautiful hair styles.

8.Having fun with props to match the wedding theme makes all the difference.  The Vino Van is versatile and we’re more than happy to make sure that it fits in with the order of the day.  We love accessorising with hay bales for rustic themed weddings, along with items such as personalised crates> http://applecrates.co.uk/product-category/weddings/ that not only look fantastic on the day but make a great keepsake too.

To match our converted horsebox, we love to work alongside Hoofbooth>  https://www.facebook.com/HorseBoxWeddings/ who have created a beautiful photo booth from a horsebox.

9.If you’re planning an outdoor wedding then you’re going to have to think carefully about footwear.  We’ve seen some brilliant brides rocking their wellies with their dress.  We love these> http://www.wonderfulwellies.co.uk/best-wedding-wellies/

10.Get your lighting right and you can create a really magical vibe in the evening – and your guests will be able to see each other too, of course! Fairy lights draped around trees and metal chandeliers are beautiful as are pathways of storm lanterns. Clusters of tea lights in recycled jam jars are cheap and effective too.  For other areas electric spotlights will add definition.

An outdoor wedding can be a truly wonderful experience. If you’d like more information on planning yours then drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help you.



Nobody can say that The Vino Van is nothing but versatile!  Our recent involvement at a product launch for an exciting new cider company proved to be a lot of fun, and it tested our bar-keeping skills somewhat, too.

Pipewell Hall is generally considered to be one of the best wedding venues in Northamptonshire and is home to Shawn and Trudie Baker.  The couple, who provide wedding venue management at the stunning Grade II listed mansion, have also been extremely busy lately with the development of Bad Boy artisan cider and the launch of its sister product, Bad Bitch.

We were invited to the launch to help Shawn and Trudie create a memorable and quirky event that people would talk about and remember. Memorable and quirky we can do!

Bad Boy artisan cider is already getting all the right attention on the market, but its Bad Bitch that is now taking a turn in the spotlight.  Aimed at the hen party market, the cider, like Bad Boy, is made on site at Pipewell Hall. It is deliberately cloudy and made from a single variety of apple – Dabinett, currently sourced in Hertfordshire, though Shawn would like to source a more local supplier in the future.

On the day we welcomed guests to the launch with drinks to get the party started and we were more than happy to wear Bad Bitch branded t-shirts while we did so.  Although The Vino Van has a distinctive personality of its own we’ve always offered the prosecco van out as an extension to any branded event, using host’s individual banners and collateral to complement the event.  The van looked great with the Bad Bitch banner displayed outside and it was agreed that we are a pretty good match.

Welcome drinks were followed by a talk by Shawn, who told the story of the brand so far.  It was inspiring and interesting to hear how passionate both he and Trudie are about their craft still cider and particularly the new addition of Bad Bitch.

The launch of Bad Bitch is exactly the kind of event that we love to get involved in.  We’ve always done everything we can to make sure any function we’re part of runs smoothly. On this occasion that meant rolling up our sleeves and mucking in behind the cider bar.  Situated in the cellar of the house, the bar had been set up especially for the launch and was the perfect place to continue the party.

For us it was great to show how adaptable The Vino Van is and how much fun it can be to pair up and collaborate with another local business.

We wish Shawn and Trudie every success with Bad Boy and Bad Bitch craft ciders and look forward to working with them again.   Can we keep the t-shirts? Please?!

If you’d like The Vino Van at your event then contact us for a chat.

Meet the woman who converted a trailer into a prosecco-filled vino van

When Stylist magazine said-

“There’s nothing better than when the words “prosecco” and “bar” come together – particularly when said prosecco bar is fully transportable and available to serve chilled bubbles anytime, anywhere.” we could not of agreed more.

They then went on to tell the story of how it all began….

“This was the genius thinking behind entrepreneur Siobhan Holmes’ decision to convert an old horse box into a fully functional prosecco bar, brilliantly named the Vino Van…..”

Read more at….


7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Prosecco

We all love the pop, fizz and bubbles of Prosecco and really don’t need an excuse to fill a glass, but just in case you need a little convincing, here are 7 reasons why drinking Prosecco is good for you.  
1. A study conducted at the University of Reading discovered that Prosecco contains high levels of polyphenols which are good for the blood supply.  Polyphenols help increase the flow of blood around the body and lower blood pressure.                                                                                                                    
2.   Prosecco improves your sex life.  We’re not joking, it’s true! The antioxidants in the wine boosts levels of nitric oxide produced in the blood, this increases blood flow ‘downstairs’ therefore increasing the libido.  You should probably just stick to one or two glasses though…
3. Antioxidants are also brilliant for better, smoother skin.  Can this drink get any better?
4. Yes! Those antioxidants also help ward off colds by a mighty 60%.
5. Prosecco in moderation is believed to be an antidote to everything from appetite loss and low libido to anxiety and insomnia.  It’s the drink that just keeps giving.
6. Prosecco contains trace elements of magnesium, zinc and potassium that are all known to be good mood boosters.
7. Prosecco has less calories than both red or white wine.  We’ll drink to that.

And we’re off


We did it!  The Vino Van is officially GO!  Yes, our beautiful van has had its very first official outing at the Cheese and Wine Festival in Victory Park, East Village, London.  And what a fantastic day it turned out to be.

The one-off event showcased artisan cheese, wine, chutneys, preserves, craft beer and very posh chocolate from over 25 independent makers and sellers, and it drew in the crowds on what proved to be a glorious day in the capital.  Along with stalls showing off their wares there were workshops and talks to get to the nitty gritty of cheese and wine pairing.  Street food stalls kept everyone happy with everything from cheese burgers and raclette to arancini (little Italian rice balls stuffed with melting cheese – so good).

The event, which was the first of its kind in East Village, was free and very well attended, so there were plenty of thirsty people forming an orderly queue at the pink van – just as we’d hoped.   In addition to glasses of Prosecco we served Prosecco Fizz, black raspberry liqueur Chambord topped with fizz and garnished with fresh raspberries – it was a real hit.

As our first official engagement I’m happy to say it was far less nerve-racking than I thought it would be.  It was extremely hard work and the day just flew by in a whirl of chatty bubble drinkers.  I’d go as far as to say it was a whole lot of fun.  But, how can it not be fun – supplying fizz to happy festival goers?  I think I’m going to love this job more than I imagined…

So, cheers!  Here’s to the very first of many successful outings.  See you soon.

Siobhan x

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